WHP Pioneer: A place and train approach

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Finding the right job can feel overwhelming if you do not know where to start. Or you might have been out of work for a while, doubt your experience or have barriers in your way that stop you from finding a job.

Getting employment support can be approached in many ways, including contacting employment agencies, joining an employability programme or undertaking training.

What about a programme that provides you with extra support, help finding a job AND where you train on-the-job? Known as ‘place and train’ is a great option to get you into work quickly in a job that you love.

Place and train

But what is a place and train approach? It’s where we help to find you a job first, and then train you once you are in the role. This helps you gain valuable experience and knowledge of the job you are in, with the support of an employment adviser. You can take a step back into employment, knowing you are gaining the correct training for your job and the opportunity to succeed.

The place and train approach can help you in many ways, including targeting your needs and ensuring that you develop skills relevant to your new role by working with your employer and an employment adviser.

The WHP Pioneer programme

WHP Pioneer uses the place and train approach. The service is designed to help you back into employment with the support of an employment adviser. Pioneer will give you access to an employer within the first thirty days of the service and help you with a job specific CV and creating a cover letter.

At the core of WHP Pioneer is the concept of “Place, train and maintain”. This means we place people in work at the earliest opportunity, prepare them to be trained to do the job in the way the employer wants it done, and provide ongoing support to maintain them in the job.

We work closely with your employer to ensure you are gaining the relevant on the job training and help you need to succeed in your role.

WHP Pioneer will ensure you are placed in a job role and are provided with specific job training which will help you gain confidence, and you can work on succeeding in a career you are interested in. With help from the service, you will overcome barriers in your job role and learn the correct skills to thrive in your working environment.

As well as WHP Pioneer following the place and train approach, it also offers you support prior to a job placement, so you can gain core skills before you are placed in employment. The employment adviser support will work at your pace, meaning you are entitled to be on WHP Pioneer for 15 months, in order to get you ready and confident to enter the workplace. When you do enter employment, you will get six months of individual in-work Support. The service is voluntary and is an opportunity to step back into the world of work and develop your skills for the future.

If you are looking to get back into work but you would like some extra employment support, find out more information about WHP Pioneer and register online by visiting the webpage.