Garden Centres and Enterprises

Growing plants, people and communities

We support people facing disadvantage into work through our not-for-profit enterprises across the UK. We don’t just grow plants; we grow and develop people to take control of their lives.

We run a number of large garden centres, Growing Places, and smaller enterprises, Growing People. All locations provide individuals facing barriers to employment with placements to gain skills and experience, practical assistance, and emotional support to empower individuals to live independent and rewarding lives. When you buy from us, you are directly improving the lives of people in your community.

As specialists in helping people to overcome barriers to work, we deliver vocational training pathways for people who face barriers into work such as:

• Long-term unemployment
• Physical and mental health
• Learning difficulties
• Lack of skills and work experience
• Lack of self-confidence

Our services are highly effective, and everyone benefits from a more diverse and engaged society.

If you work with someone that could benefit from a placement within one of our enterprises, contact us today by clicking on the locations on the above map for contact details or by visiting our day placements page.