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Where the world of work, works for everyone.

Good Work Places - Where the world of work, works for everyone. Participant smiling and looking at person.

A Good Work Place is one where everyone feels heard, included, and respected. Data shows that a happy, diverse workforce is a more collaborative, innovative, and profitable one – giving you the competitive edge in your field. This will be reflected in your profit margins.

We provide training and consultancy services in equality, diversity and inclusion to transform your workplace, for good. Our services are bespoke to your business. We tailor solutions to your business following an initial discovery session, so you can start or continue your journey towards being a Good Work Place.

Our services include:

A suite of fully accessible, engaging training materials which can be tailored to your unique learning and operational needs. Taught in the classroom or remotely, we offer interactive or ‘lecture style’ sessions for all levels of understanding.

Disability essentials: Delegates will leave the training with a comprehensive understanding of their legal obligations, the many different types of impairment, and best practice in disability etiquette. They will learn how to effectively manage the workplace environment, their people, matters of performance and develop a unique and relevant Action Plan to bring back to your business.

• Neurodiversity at work: Learners explore relevant definitions and central concepts around neurodiversity, before examining specific conditions – AD(H)D, ASD, and Dyslexia – in more depth. We discuss the strengths of a neurodiverse workforce, address the barriers for disabled / neurodivergent people, before looking meaningfully at the types of reasonable adjustments that will support your staff. (100% of Tesco participants would recommend the training/workshop)

• Supportive recruitment: Delegates consider every aspect of the onboarding process, looking for key touchpoints that can make a difference to the attraction, retention, and development of disabled staff. We recommend this training to all businesses who are looking to make a difference through the Disability Confident Scheme, to identify and embed the cultural and practical changes required.

• Unconscious bias: This course defines unconscious bias, investigates why it is inherent to us all and how we can recognise and deal with it at work. A highly interactive session, delegates are equipped with knowledge on different forms of bias, awareness of how marginalised groups are affected, and a critical understanding of their own biases in action. Attendees will leave with actionable strategies to tackle unconscious bias.


• Access to a policy library: By underpinning of best practice, we can provide you with a range of compliant, current, specialist policies to help you to navigate this ever-changing field. Alternatively, we can tailor these around the unique voice, identity, and requirements of your business. We offer complimentary updates on statutory changes.
• Policy and procedure audit: We provide check and challenge, critical friendship, systematic mapping and tracing of all measures relating to EDI, with a focus on intersectionality. We offer constructive, accessible and actionable feedback to support internal/external reporting and regulatory compliance.

Environmental accessibility audit: Half-day audit of the physical space, to identify the barriers affecting your clients, colleagues, and customers. It covers all aspects of buildings and services. You will be given a comprehensive report and graded recommendations for action, making it simple to implement the most appropriate changes for your site(s).

• Equality, diversity and inclusion analysis: Analysis of your organisation’s incentives, strategy, and associated policies. We create a balanced report on your current performance against legal requirements and ethical considerations. For example, we could look at the parity of your responses to different groups and the accessibility of your rewards programmes.

If your organisation does not have a dedicated resource, we ensure that actions proceed on schedule, risks are managed, and levelled progression is achieved. The service includes weekly focused meetings, on-demand and reflexive advice.

Reach a wider customer base

Disabled consumers and their households contribute an estimated £274 billion per year* to the UK economy. 

The online spending power of people with access needs is around £24.8 billion per year** for UK businesses.

If you’re already on your way to becoming a Good Work Place, reach new customers and clients by improving the accessibility of your business.

Our services include:

Website accessibility
Marketing: An expert review of your marketing outputs with a focus on representation, language, accessibility and reach. You will be given a report from which to develop your own action plan, with access to our Disability Confident Specialist as you begin to navigate the required changes. 
Environmental accessibility audit 

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