Peer Mentor

Peer mentor sat down with mentee

Location/region: National


The role of a Peer Mentor has an emphasis on well-being and a participant’s barrier prior to moving into employment. Barriers include, but are not limited to, addiction, disability in work, over 50s, and neurodiversity. The purpose of a peer mentor is to offer support based on lived experience through face-to-face discussions that will provide information, advice and guidance, build confidence and improve the wellbeing of participants.

Key tasks

Support the running of a social activity group or one-to-one sessions on an ongoing basis with a group of Shaw Trust participants. Participants on the Work and Health Programme are typically offered a course of sessions. You will discuss key topics of social activity such as mental health barriers, anxiety, confidence, financial pressures, and home life. Also, you will carry out general discussions and sessions to help participants to share experiences in a supportive space, facilitate conversations on challenging subjects in a sensitive manner, and signpost, advise and support the participant to attend local activities to support their current barriers.

What’s in it for you

You will help job seekers build their confidence and well-being with the support you provide. Learn about their life experience and share your experiences and knowledge to help them learn, grow, and improve.

What we are asking for

  • Someone with personal life experiences where you’ve faced disadvantages, which can help you empathise with others in similar situations.
  • You should possess the ability to work effectively with vulnerable adults, producing positive outcomes.
  • Maintaining a professional demeanour and the confidence to work independently is essential.
  • Your communication and interpersonal skills should be excellent, an empathetic approach is crucial, as you’ll be supporting people in challenging circumstances.
  • Driven by a desire to assist individuals facing disadvantages in working toward realistic goals.
  • Collaboration with Shaw Trust staff is key to providing comprehensive support to clients in achieving their objectives.
  • Willing to be part of an individual’s support network as they embark on the journey toward employment or gaining independence.

Volunteer hours

Four hours between 9am and 5pm between Monday and Friday.