Wellbeing Support Life Coach

Person sitting on couch being supported

Location/region: National


In the role of a Wellbeing Support Life Coach, your primary aim is to assist individuals in achieving their objectives. You will provide guidance and assistance to participants through one-on-one sessions, where you’ll collaborate on setting and pursuing goals. This experience will not only enhance your coaching skills, but also provide valuable insights as you work with a diverse group of individuals.

Key tasks:

In a series of one-on-one sessions, your objective is to support the participant. You will identify their goals, before collaboratively establishing feasible steps to help them make progress. Your assistance extends to aiding them in finding and maintaining employment, fostering greater independence, and improving their confidence and self-esteem.

Whats in it for you:

You will enhance your coaching expertise and gain valuable insights through your interactions with diverse individuals.

What we are asking for:

• Coaching experience and be on a recognised training programme, approved by a major coaching body – such as International Coach Federation, Association for Coaching, European Mentoring and Coaching Council, or equivalent.
• Someone who is willing to help vulnerable adults one-to-one.
• Be able to recognise what might be stopping someone from entering employment or becoming independent and help them reach their goals.
• Have a professional manner, empathy, and the confidence to work independently.
• Collaborate with Shaw Trust staff to support clients to achieve their goals and be a support network for an individual as they undertake the journey back into employment or to gain independence.
• Have experience working or supporting people with a disadvantage, such as health issues, disability, and/or a lack of employability skills.

Volunteer hours

Four hours between 9am and 5pm between Monday and Friday.